Carol D. Toro

Ex-Microsoftie | CS Student | Dog Lover

Ex-Microsoftie. After graduating from Scripps College with a BA in Latin American Studies, I went to work at Microsoft for the Bing Ads network quality and services team. Six months into my role, I became a Program Manager and took over editorial operations for Bing Ads in Latin America. During my stint at Microsoft, I instigated changes to editorial policies to open new revenue streams, advocated for the improvement of the tools our teams used, and conveyed my sense of urgency to automate solutions that would tackle phishing problems.

CS Student. As a techie with an insatiable hunger for learning and wishing to transition into engineering, I left Microsoft to pursue a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. By living confidently and courageously, I am now chasing my dreams and enjoying every engineering challenge I face.

Dog Lover. I'm a beagle and cavalier owner. I'd much rather post photos of my dogs acting silly than selfies of myself. You'll find my instagram is pretty much a collection of Shorty and Biggie moments.


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